The Yamaguchi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Yamaguchi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kei-ou Kai-rai

inherit the business of our predecessor and open up the future while developing it.

Making a Harmonized and Heart-throbbing City of Yamaguchi The Yamaguchi Chamber of Commerce and Industry will support your dreams to the utmost!
YCCI Chairman, CEO of Maruni Co. Yasushi Kawano

Society president address Kei-ou Kai-rai
Making a Harmonized and Heart-throbbing City of Yamaguchi

YCCI is putting up `Kei-Ou Kai-rai` as our slogan. Kei-Ou Kai-rai means to inherit the business of our predecessor and open up the future while developing it.
The foundation of Yamaguchi city was laid by Ouchi clan in Muromachi era. The city had become prosperous to such an extent that it was called ‘Nishi no Kyo’. At the end of Edo period, the city played an important role as a main area for the Meiji Retortion activities. We are proud of the downtown area where the traces of these historical events still remain to this day. It is our mission to inherit those historical traces such as traditional streetscape, cultural assets, customs, and festivals. At the same time, it is important to develop them in line with the times.

Ouchi clan made Yamaguchi city into a prosperous international city through commerce with Korea and China. At that time it is said that Yamaguchi was the second biggest city next to Kyoto. Because of Ouchi clan’s achievement, Yamaguchi city attracted many famous people, and literature Sesshu and Francisco de Xavier are one of them. Francisco de Xavier has built the very first catholic church in Yamaguchi.

Most of Japanese provincial cities in Japan are facing the issue of population decline and Yamaguchi city is not the exception. It is predicated that our city’s population will decrease by 28 % in 30 years which indicates an incredibly serious number. Such decrease in population leads to the decrease in people’s consumption, which could have a huge effect on our economy.
Yamaguchi city was born through municipal mergers of 1 city and 5 towns. Yamaguchi city has two core areas with different characteristics, Yamaguchi area and Ogori area. Regional activation project and urban development were implemented with a central focus on these 2 areas. As a result, 50 % of city’s population gathered into these two areas (2.2 % of total area). Also, there are 5000 more people in Yamaguchi area and 2,000 more in Ogori area (National data of 2015). This result shows that Yamaguchi city is consistently becoming a ‘compact city’.
YCCI continues to work to activate the economy of Yamaguchi.

YCCI Chairman,
CEO of Maruni Co.

Yasushi Kawano

About YCCI

Members: 2.801 companies (2017. Dec)


YCCI supports your dreams and ambition!

YCCI supports people who owns businesses in the city, as well as people who are thinking about starting businesses.
YCCI also works on the population issues, regional activation, improving work environment and business development.
Members: 2.801 companies (2017. Dec)

Events & Sightseeing

Yamaguchi Tanabata Lantern Festival

Yamaguchi Tanabata Lantern Festival

Yamaguchi Tanabata Lantern Festival is held on the 6th and 7th of August every year. It is one of the three major fire festivals in Japan. People enjoy the fantastical view of approx. 10,000 red lanterns lit by candles.

The Japanese Christmas started from Yamaguchi

The Japanese Christmas started from Yamaguchi

During Muromachi era, Ouchi Yoshitaka, the 31st head of Ouchi clan, generously accepted Francisco Xavier’s aspiration for missionary work. In the following year of 1552, on Dec 9th in old calendar (Dec 24th in the western calendar), the Christmas was celebrated in Yamaguchi. This is the date when the Christmas was celebrated first time in all of Japan. To pass it down the generations, Yamaguchi city change its name to ‘Christmas city’ during December every year, and the Christmas city holds a lot of Christmas events during the month.

Collaborative activities with Spain

Collaborative activities with Spain

Yamaguchi city has entered a friendship treaty with Pamplona city in Spain. Yamaguchi city will be holding Japan-Spain Symposium in 2018. The city was also selected as a campsite for Spanish swimming team for 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic.
‘HOLA! Yamaguchi Spain Festival’ is taken place in the downtown area every year. The festival has a lot of events including a flamenco show performed by Spanish dancers, demonstration and sales of paella in a big pan, and `Yamaguchi BAL (bar)` joint by local shops and restaurants.

Businesses developed through Ouchi culture

Businesses developed through Ouchi culture

Yamaguchi city is developing new businesses which apply histories and cultures of Ouchi clan, who laid the foundation of Yamaguchi City. Producing Ouchi Gozen is one of its business attempts. Ouchi Gozen consists of approx.110 kinds of meals which Ouchi clan used to offered to Shogun. It reproduces the taste back in Muromachi era. Ouchi Gozen is served at some of the city’s Japanese-inn (Ryokan).

Exchange Program
Human Resources Development

  • Representatives General AssemblyRep General Assembly

    Representatives General Assembly

    Representatives General AssemblyRep General Assembly

    The representatives are elected among the members. They will get involved in running the Chamber of Commerce and play a role in developing local economy and industry. The representatives gathered at the General Assembly twice a year and help make final decisions.

  • Spring MeetingNew Year's party

    Spring Meeting

    Spring MeetingNew Year's party

    The members gather at the beginning of Spring and can deepen exchange with other members, guests and people involved.

  • Networking event for membersBusiness meeting

    Networking event for members

    Networking event for membersBusiness meeting

    For companies seeking to expand their business opportunities, we offer valuable matchmaking through networking events. The members can expect to expand their sales or implement co-development.

  • Test for CertificationOfficial approval

    Test for Certification

    Test for CertificationOfficial approval

    We implement the test for certification with a goal of human resources development.

Business Support

  • Business management
    Business management
    We offer free advice on general questions about business management. For specific questions, we offer consultation with specialists such as lawyers and Small and medium enterprise management consultants (Charge may apply). We also hold seminars about sales, services, and developing new markets.
  • Finance
    We offer advice on borrowing business funds. We introduce public-financing system.
  • Accounting and Tax service
    Accounting and Tax service
    We help on ledger sheers and filling on income tax return.
  • Negotiation
    We offer business matchmaking for our members corrabollating with other chamber of commerce in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • Start of Business
    Start of Business
    We offer seminars where the members can learn how to write business plan and acquire knowledge for starting a business. We also introduce financing plan and offer individual consultations and networking events. We do our best for our members’ successful business launch.